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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Take the scenic route.

January is always a tough one eh? Don't get me wrong, I am super excited about my new internship, but there's just something about the first few weeks in January that drags. The past 3 weeks were an oasis of vacation bliss and holiday cheer with family and friends, and the next 3? .... well heck, we're just smack dab in the middle of the East Coast Winter. 

 Post holidays, can be rough to get back in the swing of things and feel particularly daunting when you've had some relaxing time away--which, we have. In Utah. As well as right here in our home of NYC. But I came to realize that as the Christmas decorations come down and I bury my head in the pillows to hide from the 7 o'clock alarm--that I don't have to part from those blissful feelings of vacation just yet. In fact, I am quite dedicated to the thought of capturing those "get-away" vibes as part of my daily routine. But before I get into that, here is a peak into our lives the past few weeks.

Welcome to Christmas in Utah...

 All the kiddo's ...

 I made Rach a baby blanket for her new little one on the way. :)

 On Christmas Adam ( the day before Christmas Eve, obviously ;) ) We made Graham Cracker houses/ ....
 Trees? Scot and I made the Rockefeller Christmas Tree with the Ice Skating rink to bring in a little taste of home.

John and Rach made their new car/house.

And the Kids some some fun decorating their own candy house. 

 Shelbs. Love her.

All of us, Scot's mug shot. 

The excitement of what Santa left... his little helper Shelb knew JUST what little Brittana wanted... 


I made the scarf for Jyl and McKay got a new sweater! Lookin' fresh. 

 Little precious Claire. You can never have a bad day with this little sweetie around. :) I wanted to keep her. Shae wouldn't let me. 

We had a family talent show at a Christmas Party and all the kids put on a Christmas dance, these are their outfits. Adorable. 

We had an awesome day skiing with these two :)

AND... we went again with the  family.

and we went and saw the show "Savior of the World" ... it was amazing. 

Thank you Utah, you were great. 

When we got back in the city, we had a visit from one of our favorite couples: Megs and Jeff. It was so fun having them, and a perfect way to end the vacation. :)

9/11 memorial.

Museum of natural history

Please notice the frogs behind us. 

Typical Sar and Meg moment.

Scot and I went and saw the Hobbit in 3D

We also went for a morning run through Central Park :)

and of course, without plan Meg showed up wearing the same shirt. In a different color. Twins forever.

Happy New Year kissy kissy :)

and finally, we ended the weekend skyping with this little cutie. Our niece Lily. 

You see, we had more than a wonderful past few weeks and after reflecting on the time we had away I have found that not only do I love vacation, but also I love who I am when I’m on vacation. I am more relaxed, peaceful, excited, outgoing, calm, fun, and friendly. I laugh louder and smile more. I find joy in the simplicity of the views around me and embrace each minute of each day. While skiing the slopes of the greatest snow on earth, and enjoying family dinners and games make these feelings much more accessible, I am absolutely convinced that these same feelings are not only possible, but necessary to have while at home and doing the daily routine as well. So much of the happiness achieved in life is not only recognizing what brings you joy but what brings out the joy in you!

So, in the spirit of the New Year, I am deciding to not necessarily give up any day-to-day responsibilities but rather add in some classic vacation remedies for a “let-loose” kind of day, every day. Starting with the To-Do list. I don’t know about you, but when I look at my To-Do list I don’t see anything that excites me. Until now. I have decided to pencil in the much needed bubble bath, the ½ hour power nap, and the elementary “snack time” as part of my To-Do’s. Not only does it help me unwind, but it makes all the other stuff seam less intimidating.

Next, I will tackle the post-vacation clutter.I realized that one of the most enjoyable part of a vacation in either a hotel room or a guest room is the lack of “stuff” scattered around everywhere. It’s amazing how much more of a sounder sleep I can have when things are back in order around our apartment.

Talk to strangers. Let me tell you, New York isn't exactly the friendliest of places. I know, I know—shocker. When I get on the subway everyone is buried into their own lives, whether it be a book, their phones, or their ipod. It’s amazing when over 100 people can be in one place without a word being spoken. What is that about anyways? When I am on vacation, it seems I am always up for talking to strangers, whether it be asking for directions, a friendly smile, or a simple “Merry Christmas” while in passing. From now on I will make an effort to talk to at least one new person a day. Just because I live in New York doesn't mean I can’t ask a stranger for a suggestion on where to go for lunch.

Celebrate the small stuff. Whether it be an easy commute, waking up on time, a NYC sunset, office lunch, a successful attempt at chocolate chip cookies, a new pair of socks or a good hair day, it deserves to come with a certain amount of “yes! This is awesome". Move over moody Mondays, you are no longer. 

I think I could probably go on and on with different ways to find the remedy for post-vacation blues, but when it comes down to it, this post isn’t really about that. Rather, it’s more of a life realization of the ability to make life rich and full of flavor and excitement each day. New choices and opportunities lie before us and often we mistake them for the “average” day. With vacation just gone I somehow find myself jumping to the thought of when will be my next get-away. I am constantly reminding myself to “just live” and not live in the thoughts of the future. An old camp song once taught me this principle that I will never forget—“ A million tomorrows shall all pass away ere I forget all the joys that are mine… today”. Call it what you will, but I guess I am just realizing how I need to better allow myself to notice the blessings around me each day. I need to Live, enjoy every minute of it and to put it simply:

Take the scenic route.

It’s always the better one anyways. 


  1. Well spoken my darling. Deep and thought provoking and also bringing me back to a taste of yesterdays "strawberries". I so remember. :)

  2. Sarah, you are amazing! I loved this post about your vacation with us in Utah and then your thoughts on ways to live and think and have a happier life! Love you! Hope you are liking your new internship.